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PetitionPageGrassroots democracy is exactly that, grassroots; it’s organic, and it’s the people who need to send the message to their leaders.

Canada’s government needs to hear the message that we need a law! One very effective way to make that happen is by means of a written petition. It only takes 25 signatures and this is a great opportunity to directly affect the policy in our country by using our freedom of expression in this way.


 For a list of guidelines for petitions to the House of Commons click here.


We have two petitions for you one in French and the other in English.


clipboard-black#1 The first is a call for the government to restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible. Click here to print the English version



#2 For French version click here


Please take a moment to print these off, gather signatures and present them to your Member of Parliament to be submitted into the House of Commons.


Helpful Petition Tips:

  • Signature, city, and province are all that is required.
  • Any age can sign the petition.
  • Bigger is not always better. Longer petitions can be split into smaller ones (a few pages each) which will allow a sympathetic MP to present the petition in the House of Commons many times.
  • Make it most effective by asking to meet with your MP to discuss the issue. If your MP doesn’t want to change the status-quo on abortion, ask them to explain their views. Ask them at what point an unborn child should get legal protection. And ask them what difference there is between a born child and an unborn one that leads to the unborn having no legal protection.
  • These petitions will remain relevant for a long time. Please keep at it and continue to drop off copies at your MP’s office.
  • If your MP is hostile to the cause, you may send the petitions to any other MP instead. Either way, ask the MP to let you know when it is read in the House of Commons.
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