pre-born children
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Canada has no abortion law.

Canada is the only democracy in the world to have zero legal protection for pre-born children. Every other country recognizes the humanity of pre-born children at some point, and has found a way to protect them. We seek common ground with all Canadians to develop a starting point for laws protecting our youngest neighbours.

Our goal is to equip Canadians for pro-life action and encourage political leaders to advocate for laws protecting pre-born children.

How do we advocate for pre-born children?

with pro-life Canadians + politicians willing to take a stand for life
against late-term abortion
counselling + waiting periods for women seeking an abortion
sex selective abortion
Baby in Womb

When we speak up, our neighbours and our leaders are emboldened to speak up too.

When we speak up, our neighbours and our leaders are emboldened to speak up too.

Be part of the change

Feel confident and equipped to make a difference in the lives of the preborn.

Host a Flag Display

Our iconic pink and blue flags give a striking representation of the many lives lost to abortion every year. Set up a display in your community!

Steps to start today
Write your MP

Our Members of Parliament are elected to represent YOU. They need to hear that you want pre-born children to be protected.

Send a SimpleMail
Support an International Standards Law

Canada is the only democratic country in the world with no protection for pre-born children. It’s time Canada started regulating abortion.

International Standards Law
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We are so thankful for all our donors who make this work possible. We Need a Law is a non-profit organization overseen by a Board of Directors that ensures we are accountable for all funds raised. You can be confident that the money you give goes directly to the campaign for legislation protecting pre-born children in Canada!

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