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MarchforLifeSimpleMailOn Thursday, May 10th nearly 20,000 people attended the March for Life in Ottawa. The annual event was hosted by Campaign Life Coalition and was a huge success! There were many pro-life organizations in attendance including Click here for our press release and for photos of the March click here. Although the sky threatened rain, it stayed dry for the entire day.

Unless they were not in the city, parliamentarians had to have noticed this incredible gathering of pro-life Canadians. Even so, we can’t count on the media to remind them of the message that was delivered, so it’s up to you to do just that! We’ve created a brand new Simple Mail letter and with a few easy steps you send it to your MP. Canada needs an abortion law and our government needs to be constantly reminded of that.

Image3-SimpleMailPlease click the Simple Mail icon on the left to send a letter (content below) to your MP, the Justice Minister and the leaders of each party.



On May 10th over 15,000 Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill for the National March for Life. You may have attended in person along with many other parliamentarians. If so, I wholeheartedly thank you.

The annual gathering on the front lawn the Parliament Buildings and the walk through the streets of Ottawa is the largest of any protest in Canada. Even though you have a busy schedule, I’m sure you noticed it.

It is symbolic that thousands of Canadians make their way to Ottawa every year for this event. They gather at the steps of the House of Commons because it is there that those elected to serve Canadians are in a position to enact legislation that will protect children in the womb, and restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible.

I was pleased to hear that many MP’s spoke at the March for Life. One by one, they thanked the protesters for their presence and spoke in favour of an abortion law.

Canada, North Korea and China are the only countries in the world without abortion legislation. What irony that Canada, as a champion of human rights and equality, has often expressed concern to those two countries for their egregious human rights violations.

Every other Western nation recognizes fetal rights at some point in the pregnancy. European nations such as France and Germany, which are as liberal as Canada, restrict abortion to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It’s time that Canada fell into line with every other democracy.

The Supreme Court of Canada has instructed Parliament to deal with the abortion issue. Contrary to what some wish us to believe, the Court didn’t give women a ‘right’ to abortion. The 1988 ruling is full of references to Parliament’s duty to enact legislation that protects fetal rights.

The tens of thousands that attended the March for Life on May 10th did so because they’re not willing to accept the status quo. Abortion has never ceased to be debated and debate will continue for as long as pre-born children’s lives are brutally ended in the name of “choice”.

Canada needs an abortion law and I hope you can be a part of enacting legislation that protects children in the womb. Should you disagree, I would like to know your reasons why.

Thank you for your service to this great country!


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