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12/06/2012 / blog posts 

Chilliwack TimesLast week the New Abortion Caravan rolled through Chilliwack and it caused resident Cale Esau to respond with this letter to the Chilliwack Progress. Esau writes, “I am writing the paper to register my disgust with the persons or organization who dropped a flyer on my doorstep that said “Cigarette smoking hurts babies. So does abortion.” 

A number of responses to Cale Esau were sent in to the Chilliwack Times and today two of those were printed. The first, by Belinda VanWinkoop states in part, “Some choices can be celebrated-the choice to give a baby up for adoption, and some choices have dire consequences.”  (click here to read the full letter) The second, by WeNeedaLAW.ca director Mike Schouten, takes issue with Cale Esau’s desire to censor the pro-life message simply because of disagreement with it. (click here to read the full letter)

Using the medium of local newspapers is a great way to engage the culture!


Often we deplore the current state of affairs in Canadian culture and throw our hands up in despair as we feel there’s nothing we can do to combat it. And truth be told, the odds are stacked against us. When we focus on the issue of abortion, it seems an even greater uphill battle. Pro-choice rhetoric has seemingly become entrenched in our nations psyche. For almost twenty-five years there has been no legal protections for children in the womb and most Canadians, including pro-lifers have resigned to the belief that we will never get an abortion law.

In spite of this we shouldn’t be disheartened!

In fact, there are many indications that give reason for a healthy dose of optimism!

The New Abortion CaravanresizedThe pro-life movement has been injected with a renewed energy as Canadian youth have taken it upon themselves to end the killing in Canada. Leading this effort to change the status quo is the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR). The New Abortion Caravan project which is making  Canada’s invisible children visible by portraying aborted fetuses on  7′ by 22′ signs attached to large box-bodied trucks, hand held signs on street corners, and postcards delivered to homes is forcing this ongoing injustice into the national consciousness. Canadians are having to reckon with something that they have never given much thought – the disgusting reality of abortion.

With a concerted effort and a unified front we can end the killing in Canada. Step by step through greater awareness and legislative initiatives it is our goal to restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible, until it’s gone!

Engage the culture. Write a letter to the Editor of your local paper. You can make a difference!


Here are a few letter writing tips:

  • Respond directly to either a current news story or an article or commentary published within the last week. Follow the format used in the publication you are sending to. The standard format is: Re: “Be a voice for the voiceless” – June 21, 2012
  • Focus on one issue only. Trying to address separate issues in one letter will decrease your chances of getting published. Be sure to follow the guidelines regarding word count. Most community newspapers allow a maximum of 250 words, whereas larger publications often limit it to 200 or less.
  • Remove all non-essential words. For example, don’t say, “I think” or “I believe”. It’s obvious and will increase the chance of editors changing the letter.
  • Use verified facts.
  • Email your letter in the body of the email. Never send unsolicited attachments.
  • Include your full address and daytime phone number with the letter.
  • Pay attention to other letters that are published. Note what is effective and ineffective about them in order to help you improve your own skills.
  • If your letter doesn’t get published the first time you send one in, don’t be disheartened. News publications receive many letters, so please try again.




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