New! – MP Postcards for Motion 312

08/08/2012 / blog posts 

mppostcardsWith just over a month to go before the second hour of debate on Motion 312, now is the time to let your MP know your position on this important issue and encourage him/her to support a discussion on the definition of humanity.

The SimpleMail letters we’ve been promoting have been getting great use! Nearly 15,000 emails have been sent to Ottawa through our program! We ask that you continue to send them in and encourage others to do so as well.

At this time we’re also pleased to be partnering with Miles and Alyssa Driedger (pictured below) on another initiative they’ve started called MP Postcards!

Driedger familyThese professionally developed postcards are available for a very reasonable price through their website and the kit even comes with a full checklist of all MP names as well as instructions on how to send them out most efficiently.

This is certainly the kind of political activism that everyone can take part in! Please take a moment to click here and order your postcards today. With your help we can grow this grassroots movement to end the status quo on abortion!

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