Abortion Memorial vandalized in Surrey

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Vandals look to silence pro-lifers by breaking down display.

Abortion Memorial vandalizedSurrey, BC (September 24th, 2012) – The abortion memorial on private property in Surrey, BC has been the target of vandals. “It’s unfortunate that a simple invitation to dialogue about abortion results in this type of immature reaction”, said WeNeedaLAW.ca director, Mike Schouten. 

“If this is the response of the pro- choice community, their actions leave a lot to be desired. The respectful display drawing attention to the fact that Canada has no legal protections for pre-born children has certainly drawn various reactions. But it’s regrettable that rather than engage in civil discourse some felt the only response is physical aggression towards an inanimate object”, said Schouten. 
The display, constructed with hay bales and decorated with 100 blue and pink crosses, advertises a community event in the Cloverdale Public Library. “In spite of these efforts by vandals, we will not be deterred and encourage people to join the conversation with us next month”, concluded Schouten.


WeNeedaLAW.ca is a national campaign with a goal to create a groundswell of support for federal abortion legislation. If you are interested in receiving comment and/or interviewing Campaign Director, Mike Schouten, please call 604.308.3560 or email [email protected].

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