Achieving Justice For The Entire Family

07/11/2012 / blog posts 

Human FamilyCanada is a great place to live and the envy of many in the world. We believe in the rule of law and have authorities that enforce it by determining what is right and wrong. The role of government is to restrain immoral behaviour by putting laws into effect that prohibit one individuals rights from being violated by another. In Canada pre-born human rights are not recognized and it’s legal to end their lives right up until the moment of birth. As members of the human family they have the same intrinsic value as those already born.

A new SimpleMail letter has been created with two purposes:

  1. Encourage your Member of Parliament by letting him/her know you understand the often times difficult role they have in enacting justice and promoting order.
  2. Offer a call to action in asking them to do what they can to restrain abortion as much as possible.

CLICK HERE to view letter and send to your MP

This letter will be sent to your MP and copied to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, and Liberal Party Leader Bob Rae. 

*You will be able to edit the letter when it appears.

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