After 25 years it’s time to start setting things right.

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25 years later

January 28, 2013 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of R. v. Morgentaler, the 1988 Supreme Court decision which struck down Canada’s abortion law. For a quarter of century, pre-born children have had no legal protection. As we reflect on the status quo there will be some who undoubtedly celebrate this as a huge achievement for women’s rights. The reality is that this isn’t solely a women’s rights issue, but it’s a human rights issue and Canada fails to measure up when it comes to its treatment of these weak members of the human family.

We’ve prepared the following letter to mark this occasion and it’s our hope that you’ll help us let our elected representatives know that it’s time to start setting things right.

Please read the letter below and then click here to send.


It has been more than twenty-five years since the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our existing abortion laws as unconstitutional, and Canadians have been debating pre-born human rights ever since that fateful day in 1988.


Respect for human rights is an important virtue of a civilized society and it is for this reason that millions of Canadians continue to speak up for the rights of children in the womb. Pre-born children face injustices in this country like no other, and unlike other marginalized groups, they can’t speak for themselves. There may have been a time when  rhetoric prevented many Canadians from really understanding what “choice” was, but after twenty-five years that has certainly been stripped away. As a result of scientific advances which make it impossible to dispute the humanity of the pre-born child today’s culture is unwilling to blindly follow in the dogmatic footsteps of their forebears.


Honourable member, Canada needs your leadership in bringing a greater awareness to this injustice. The latest polls indicate that 72% of Canadians do not support the status quo. In addition to the changing attitudes about abortion, the pre-born child also needs legal protection. The violation of their rights presents a moral problem that requires the authorities to step in and legislate.


This issue is difficult, and the politics are complicated. But that should never excuse a First World nation from doing everything it can to protect all of its children, no matter where they are located.


It has been too long. It’s time for Canada to start setting things right.


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