Updated: House Committee To Hear Mr. Warawa’s Appeal On Wednesday, March 27

22/03/2013 / blog posts 

Democracy under attackUpdate: The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs will hear Mark Warawa’s appeal on Wednesday, March 27th at 3:30pm.

We have edited the earlier Simple Mail letter to reflect this. It will now also be sent to the entire 12 member committee and again to Prime Minister Harper.

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A Parliamentary sub-committee has ruled today that Motion 408 is non-votable. This means that rather than simply a debate over whether the House of Commons should condemn sex-selective abortion we are now going to have a debate about democracy.

We have a new SimpleMail letter which will be sent to your MP, the Prime Minister and most importantly the 4 member committee who deemed Motion 408 non-votable.

  • Please review and send today!
  • Also, share this with your friends and family!
  • Now is the time to be heard!

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I have just learned that this coming Wednesday (March 27) the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs will hear Mr. Mark Warawa’s appeal concerning the votability of Motion 408.

This email is being cc’d to all members of that committee and it is my hope they will make the right decision by allowing Motion 408 to proceed to the House of Commons for debate by all Members.

The sub-committee made their decision based on an ideology which is in conflict with the intent of the motion. While it is unfortunate they seem not to care about gendercide, they should let the entire House of Commons make that decision. In deeming Motion 408 non-votable they went completely contrary to the advice of the Library of Parliament expert who stated numerous times in the course of last week’s meeting that the Motion met all of the criteria to be voted on.

Motion 408 is simply an expression of an opinion and it is something 92% of Canadians agree with. The targeting of girls in the womb simply because they are females should not be tolerated in our society. Certainly Parliament can agree and make the statement that they also condemn this gendercide!

I am asking the members of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs to overturn the sub-committee’s decision and allow Motion 408 to proceed.


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