Summer: a great time to connect with your MP!

05/07/2013 / Abortion 


Summer collagePeople from across Canada are involved in this effort and for that we are thankful!

Whether you live on the East or West side of this vast and beautiful country, near the mountains, or in the expansive prairie provinces you have enabled pre-born human rights to maintain a high profile on the public agenda. Summer is a time for family and friends, for traveling and resting. It is also an excellent time to remind your MP of his or her responsibilities to enact just laws protecting all Canadian citizens. 

Members of Parliament also use the summer months to take time to be with family and friends, as well as attend various functions in the ridings they represent. MP’s have hectic schedules but during the summer they are not meeting in the House of Commons and so they also have more time to visit with members of their constituency.

We want to encourage you to make an effort at meeting your MP face to face over the next couple of months. This can be done by attending one of the community events or making an appointment with their office staff (click here for contact information). You may be a little nervous about this so we’ve prepared some helpful tips which you can find here. 

If you are not able to arrange a meeting don’t worry. Summer is also a good time to use our Simple Mail program to email your MP. Just click here and you will see that we have a variety of letters prepared for you to send. We encourage you to customize the letter by inserting your own introduction.

Good luck and keep up the great work!

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