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16/07/2013 / Politics 

On Monday, July 15th Prime Minister Harper introduced us to a new cabinet. Of the 39 Cabinet Ministers there are 12 who voted in favour of Motion 312 last fall. This is significant and a signal to both Members of Parliament and all Canadians that voting pro-life is not detrimental to continued service as a public office holder. 

We encourage you to take a moment to congratulate these men and women on their new roles as well as communicate your appreciation for their support for pre-born human rights.

For a list of all Cabinet Ministers please see here.

Cabinet Ministers who voted in favour of Motion 312

(new portfolio in brackets)

Contact Information

Rona Ambrose

(Minister of Health)

E:  [email protected]

P:  780.495.7705

Candice Bergen

(Minister of State for Social Development)

E:  [email protected]

P:  204.822.7440

Julian Fantino

(Minister of Veteran’s Affairs)

E:  [email protected]

P:  905.303.5000

Ed Fast

(Minister of Trade)         

E:  [email protected]

P:  604.557.7888

Jason Kenney

(Minister of Employment and Social Development)

E:  [email protected]

P:  403.225.3504

Rob Moore

(Minister of state for Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency)

E:  [email protected]

P:  506.832.4200

Pierre Poilievre

(Minister of State for Democratic Reform)

E:  [email protected]

P:  613.990.4300

Gerry Ritz

(Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food)

E:  [email protected]

P:  306.445.2004

Gail Shea

(Minister of Fisheries and Oceans)

E:  [email protected]

P:  902.432.6899

Kevin Sorenson

(Minister of State for Finance)

E:  [email protected]

P:  780.608.4600

Peter Van Loan

(House Leader)

E:  [email protected]

P:  905.898.1600

Alice Wong

(Minister of State for Seniors)

E:  [email protected]

P:  604.775.5790

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