Let your MP know that human beings have human rights

04/10/2013 / Abortion 

Humans have human rights resizedHuman beings have human rights and while Canada is a great place to live and the envy of many in the world we currently do not recognize the rights of children in the womb.

The role of government is to restrain immoral behaviour by putting laws into effect that prohibit one individuals rights from being violated by another. In Canada pre-born humans are legally aborted until the moment of birth.

We believe that as members of the human family they have the same intrinsic value as those already born. In short, they are human and therefore have human rights.

Please take a moment to send this email to your MP with our SimpleMail technology. Copies of it will also be sent to Justice Minister Peter MacKay, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, and Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau.

*Note: You are encouraged to personalize it for maximum effect.


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