Students Visit Crisis Pregnancy Centre

17/04/2014 / Abortion 


Students at an Alberta school, under the direction of Jacqueline Hamoen, recently held a fundraiser in support of the Crisis Pregnancy Care Centre in Edmonton. A big thank you to Jacqueline and the students: Tristan J, Jewel, Olivia, Ally, Mason, and Tristin VL for their hard work on this. See pictures of their experience and the write-up that was in their school newsletter, below.


2014 CPC Edmonton4


2014 CPC Edmonton2


2014 CPC Edmonton3


Last week I had the privilege of taking 6 students to the Pregnancy Care Centre. A BIG THANK YOU goes to the grade six class who raised over $300 from a bake sale. All proceeds raised were used to buy much needed products for the Crisis Pregnancy Care Centre in Edmonton. THANK YOU to all those who gave donations to Tristan J for this great event. He was a big part of this trip. Upon arriving there the students received a bit of a tour with an explanation of how they help those in need. I think the biggest shock to them was the fact that this place was a house instead of a large building. When asked what their first impression was, most replied, “It’s a house and it looks very comfortable”. They were all excited that they could raise so many items for such a cause. The Pregnancy Care Centre welcomed these gifts with big smiles and thankfulness.
– Jacqueline Hamoen


2014 CPC Edmonton1


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