Some crazy arguments by abortion supporters

08/07/2014 / Abortion 

 The sheer number of stupid arguments being howled loudly in protest of this [Hobby Lobby] decision is mind-boggling. 

The reality is, when your position contradicts basic scientific principles and an elementary understanding of philosophy, the only thing left are stupid arguments. 

Jonathon Van Maren is palpably irritated by the reaction from abortion ideologues to the recent Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case and writes,

The Supreme Court Justices voting in favor of Hobby Lobby were all male! Uh, so were the justices who legalized abortion—and I wasn’t aware that arguments had genitals? The pills we want don’t always cause abortions or hardly ever so who cares! Well, if there might be a human being sitting in the bushes, I think it most prudent not to fire a gun in that direction, because we value human life.Why do stupid pro-lifers want me to have hundreds of babies?! We’re not talking about preventing a human life, we’re talking about ending one that already exists. This is really basic stuff.

While this is reaction to an American court case, many of the same nonsense is spewed here in Canada.   

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