Mallick gets it wrong

02/10/2014 / Abortion 

We couldn’t have said it any better! MP Harold Albrecht takes Heather Mallick to task over her extreme position. After reading his response to Mallick please take a moment to send him a note of appreciation for standing up for pre-born human rights. His email is [email protected]

(The following is a post from Mr. Albrecht’s Facebook page. It is published here with his permission)

Star Columnist Heather Mallick has a history of unfairly targeting individuals. This time she chose to direct her ignorance at the pre-born.

Mallick gets it wrong

I wrote the attached letter in response. The Star has chosen not to publish it, or even acknowledge its receipt.

When Canada’s largest-circulation daily newspaper is willing to print these misfacts and to let them stand uncorrected, is it any wonder so many Canadians are misinformed on this issue?

Re:  Trudeau gets abortion policy exactly right: Mallick

Columnist Heather Mallick gets it wrong when she states that “relationships that used to be massively unequal, with the powerful tormenting the weak, are no longer considered socially acceptable.” I wish she was correct, but the glaring exception remains the unborn.

I believe that if Heather Mallick was exposed to suction powerful enough to tear her body into pieces, she would consider it a form of torment. Similarly, if Mallick was cut into pieces without anesthetic, I’m pretty confident she’d be feeling tormented.  Those are the typical procedures used during a first-trimester abortion.

Unborn children feel pain. Fetal anesthesia is routinely administered when surgery is required to ensure the health of unborn children; just not when they are killed. They have no voice; no input on whether or not they will be killed.

There is no equality there.

Harold Albrecht, MP


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