MPs introduce Bill in attempt to ban sex-selective abortion

03/11/2014 / Politics 

The targeting of females in the womb simply because they are girls is a global problem also experienced in the United Kingdom. This week, nearly a dozen MPs from across party lines are introducing a bill that would “make it explicitly illegal for doctors to abort foetuses on grounds of gender alone.”

Canada is not exempt from this extreme form of misogyny.

Ultrasound clinics have no legal restrictions surrounding the release of information about the sex of a pre-born child. This, combined with a federal legal void which allows for abortion for any reason whatsoever has resulted in gender discriminatory abortions occurring in our country as well.

Selectively terminating female fetuses perpetuates discrimination against women and girls. Therefore it is encouraging to see lawmakers in the UK seek to address this injustice through the introduction of a bill.

Canadian politicians also need to show courage. Preventing the birth of children by targeting them in the womb violates the most basic human right which is inherent to all human beings. We also believe that preventing the birth of baby girls through sex-selective abortion is an affront to the dignity of women and girls.

Please let your MP know that something needs to be done about this gendercide. Click here to email them today!

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