Local paper updates erroneous article with erroneous update

21/12/2014 / Action Items 

A Chilliwack newspaper has updated an erroneous article with more false-truths.

In advance of a flag display last Saturday Fraser Valley East ARPA (Association for Reformed Political Action) sent out a media advisory with some details of why they were planting 10,000 pink and blue flags in the grounds surrounding the Chilliwack Museum.

The Chilliwack Times published an article on their website on Friday afternoon with the headline, “Anti-abortion protest in Chilliwack could face million-dollar fine.” The article, written by Times reporter Paul Henderson, did not address the points brought up in the media advisory but rather was an attempt to discredit the display due to phantom bylaw infractions.

Upon reading the Times article Mike Schouten checked with local organizers to confirm that proper procedure had been followed. Indeed, it had. Fraser Valley ARPA followed all the rules. When contacted late Friday afternoon by Mr. Henderson, Mike confirmed to him that permission had been granted to use the Chilliwack Museum grounds on Saturday, November 1st from 7:00am-1:00pm. Rather than clarify the online article the Chilliwack Times chose to leave it online the entire weekend with the erroneous facts.

The display was set up on Saturday morning and it was a great event! Many excellent conversations took place and nearly all passersby felt it was a respectful display bringing attention to a serious injustice in Canada. Interesting to note that Mr. Henderson did not attend the event.

On Monday, WeNeedaLAW.ca (spokesperson for the Chilliwack event) contacted the Chilliwack Times and requested that the above mentioned article be updated or removed as it was incorrect in its assertions.

Late that afternoon, an updated article appeared and it too is erroneous. The second line states that no fines were issued because bylaw officers do not work on Saturday. We can’t corroborate this, but

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