Urgent: Conscience consultation in Saskatchewan

27/07/2015 / Action Items 

The following is a message from our friends at the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada. Please consider their request. With your help we can make a difference!

Dear Pro-Life Allies,

Please feel free to forward this information to your contacts.

The Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons is currently conducting a consultation on a new policy on Conscientious Objection. Three organizations have submitted a letter, legal brief and proposed revisions to the policy.  Please take a minute to ask the College to support the amendments of the three organizations. Your vote of support will help. The deadline for submissions is August 7.

The College web page can be found here – see CPSS consultation on the right side of their website. http://www.cps.sk.ca

The documents can be found here cmdscanada.org

Our concerns are:

1.      The draft policy requires physicians to “make arrangements” for the patient to see another physician for information about a controversial procedure, or for the procedure itself (abortion, contraception, etc) Making arrangements has the same moral implications as a referral. Future councils could interpret the phrase “make arrangements” to be the same as referral.

2.      The draft policy requires physicians to perform controversial procedures in certain circumstances. Reference to the “well being” of the patient has led to concerns that the policy might be used to force physicians to perform euthanasia.

3.      Whatever parameters are agreed upon in this policy are likely to follow through to the new assisted death policy.

The three participating organizations are:  

  • Canadian Physicians for Life
  • Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians’ Societies
  • Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada
  • I support the revisions to the policy proposed by CPL, CFCPS and CMDS
  • There is no reason to take away conscience protection to ensure patient access.

Suggested comments:

Include your name

(Obviously the more personalized you make it the better.)

Please pray for the success of this endeavour.



Larry Worthen BA, MA (Th.), LLB

Executive Director

Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada

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