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15/10/2015 / Events 

As we drive, speak, rally and pray our way through the last week of lifeTOUR, we are struck again and again by the continued lack of awareness regarding Canada’s position on abortion.  We’ve said repeatedly that Canada has no laws, but this complete lack of regulation is not yet fully understood by most Canadians. At presentations and flag displays, people are continually surprised to find out what “no laws” really means for Canada. 

No laws means babies can be aborted because parents wanted a boy, not a girl. It means babies can be aborted past the point when they would be able to survive outside the womb, as many premature babies do. It means pre-born babies killed in violent crimes are not counted as victims. In relation to the recent Planned Parenthood outrage in the U.S., it means it’s ok to partially abort a baby, harvest tissue and organs, kill the baby completely, and turn around and sell those tissues for profit. It means we can plant 100,000 flags and every.single.one represents a baby lost to abortion in Canada this year. This is what NO LAWS around abortion means, and this is why we tour.  


Canada needs to reopen the abortion debate, and make laws that reflect the morality of a majority of Canadians. We need to make a start in recognizing and protecting pre-born life in a way that benefits and values us all. Outlawing sex-selective abortion echoes Canada’s claims to want gender equality. Ending late-term abortions recognizes the personhood of premature babies and the scientific humanity of life in the womb. Recognizing pre-born victims of crime validates the worth of all victims. 

We are so thankful we have been able to meet and talk to so many people over the course of this tour, both pro-life and pro-abortion.  We look forward to our last few events, and we hope you, our supporters and our voice throughout Canada, can keep the momentum going long past the tour, long past this election, right into the next, and the next. It is only through grassroots mobilization that we can convince our elected leaders first to talk, and then to act. Together, we will make a difference for pre-born children in Canada.

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