Alberta: Please vote ‘NO’ on Motion 506

10/10/2019 / Abortion 
UPDATE: The Pro-abortion Motion 506 was voted down on October 21, 2019 by a vote of 43 to 11. We are thankful for all the MLAs who voted against this.

The Alberta government will be voting on an NDP motion to study removing “barriers” to abortion in Alberta. Ask your MLA to vote against it.

This motion, Number 506, asks the government “to conduct a thorough review of access to abortion services and reproductive health services in Alberta, take action to remove barriers to these services, and ensure access to safe, timely, and equitable services in all communities across the province.” While a motion is not legally binding, it is still important that this new government take a stand against this motion.

The focus in the motion on removing “barriers” is particularly concerning. It appears the pro-abortion movement’s goal is to have abortion available immediately upon a request. This includes pushing access to the abortion pill in remote areas, despite the fact that there can be serious complications requiring quick access to emergency care. So-called “barriers” are important safeguards to woman’s health, and the fact that pro-abortion groups are ignoring this further demonstrates how they have abandoned women.

What we should be talking about is whether women are fully informed about abortion. Are women told what it does to their pre-born child? Are they told about the physical and emotional impact of abortion? Are they offered counseling prior to and after an abortion? If we are going to be studying abortion, let’s study that aspect.

Make your voice heard. Write to your MLA and make sure they understand the importance of voting down this motion and putting their energy towards improving the health and circumstances of women and their children. Make a phone call to your MLA’s office, send a personal email, or use our SimpleMail to get in touch with your MLA today!


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