“Money Talks” about Abortion

25/11/2019 / Abortion 
It’s refreshing to hear simple facts from an unexpected source.

Michael Campbell hosts a show called “Money Talks” on Global News Radio. This show covers “everything to do with money: how to make it, how to spend it, how to grow it, and how to avoid letting it get away.” Unexpectedly, Campbell also dealt with the topic of abortion.

It was refreshing that, whether pro-life or not, Campbell was able to say simple facts about where we are as a country on this topic. At the end of the show, he talked about leaders of the federal parties in the aftermath of the election, venting his frustration with the way the media is talking about Andrew Scheer and his socially conservative views.

Campbell ends by making this statement about abortion:

“The suggestion when it comes to abortion that there’s agreement, I don’t see it. I see this. It’s completely legal – people don’t want to change that. But what about to what term?  Right now, it’s legal through all nine-months of pregnancy – that would be a fascinating discussion. Where do Canadians think there is a limit to that? But there’s no consensus, I don’t believe.”

Agreed. It would be a fascinating discussion – and one that Canadians are starting to have. Take a moment to communicate with your representatives on the importance of their participation in this ongoing debate.

For audio of the clip mentioned, click play below.

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