Effecting Political Change: How to meet with your MP

12/05/2021 / Action Items 

What’s the most effective form of communication with your elected representative? How do you even speak to him or her while most of the country is in lockdown?

The pandemic has impacted our communication for well over a year but this hasn’t prevented Canadians from engaging on Bill C-233, a bill to prohibit sex-selective abortion. This bill, introduced at around the same time as our lives were interrupted by COVID-19, is sponsored by MP Cathay Wagantall and it is finally making its way through the House of Commons.

Canadians have signed tens of thousands of petitions, sent in hundreds of emails, and handwritten over 30,000 pink envelopes to their MPs. As evidenced by the number of MPs sharing posts and videos of all this communication, it clearly makes a difference!

Yet, with only weeks remaining before Bill C-233 is voted on, the most effective thing you can do is to arrange for a face-to-face meeting with your Member of Parliament to outline why you want them to support Ms. Wagantall’s bill. With lockdown restrictions in place, we have had great success in training people how to connect with their MP via a Zoom video call.

The power of a personal plea far outweighs any other form of communication and through our presentations we have equipped many of you to do just this. Not sure this is for you? Don’t have Zoom or even know how to go about booking a meeting? Slide through the following images which give a quick step by step guide on how to accomplish this.

Now that you’ve booked your meeting you might be wondering what’s next. Please take a few moments to scroll through the following slides that will help equip you to join dozens of others in taking your communication to the next level.
The training webinars that we have hosted are available to those who would like to view more material. As well, we have an entire PowerPoint presentation that you can use during the meeting with your MP. Please contact us at [email protected] and we can send them to you, or if you have any questions.

We look forward to assisting you in every way we can!

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