Conservative leadership race an opportunity

16/08/2022 / Politics 

If you’re member of the Conservative Party of Canada you’re likely getting frequent phone calls from the various candidates vying for your support. This is an opportunity for you to raise the issue of abortion and start a conversation. We Need a Law wants to help you effectively do this by helping you be strategic and to lead with the best pro-life argument: the fact that there is a human being who loses their life in every abortion.

Our advice:

  1. Be clear on what abortion is – use words like pre-born child or baby in the womb.
  2. Draw on common ground that Canadians have on this issue.
  3. Ask the candidate to support a specific, clear pro-life policy.

While a candidate’s personal views are helpful, it is important to understand what the candidate will actually do to help pre-born children in this country. You can do this while also sharing the basic pro-life message.

Here are some possible questions you can ask:

1. Canada’s lack of abortion law means that pre-born children are not recognized in our criminal justice system. If a pregnant woman is a victim of crime, there is no accountability for the harm that is done to her pre-born child. Would you support a law that recognizes that pre-born children are victims of crime?

2. Canada is the only democratic country with no abortion law. This means a pre-born child can be aborted right up to 9 months even though most Canadians do not support this status quo. Would you support a law like many European countries have that ban abortion after the first trimester and ensure a woman has counseling?

3. Canada is supposed to be a country that values equality between the sexes, but a pre-born girl can be targeted for abortion because she is a girl. Would you support a law banning sex selective abortion?

If you get a chance to ask someone on a campaign any of these questions, let us know! We would love to hear how they respond. Email us at [email protected]

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