Taking supports away from Pregnancy Care Centres is not helping women

20/09/2022 / blog posts 

It’s a known fact that pregnancy is hard. Pregnant women need the support of their communities, perhaps especially when pregnancy is unplanned. For some women, support comes in the form of a local pregnancy care centre. The current Liberal government would have us believe that these centres provide dishonest counselling because they provide support for the one choice that is apparently unacceptable to our pro-abortion government: parenting. The government’s solution? Remove their charitable tax status, with the multiple impacts that come with that.

These centres provide support for pregnant women to raise their children. How is this bad? How is this worthy of removing the tax status that helps these charities do their work in our community? The ones harmed by the removal of charitable tax status for pregnancy care centres are women. Women will not be provided true support, or true choice – but only one choice, the choice of abortion. A choice that ends the life of a pre-born child.

The ability to bear a child is unique to women, yet instead of celebrating this ability we push women to a choice that denies their uniqueness and tells them that in order to be equal with a man they need to deny a key thing that sets them apart from men.

Pregnancy Care Centres are starting to feel the impact of the Liberal government’s threats and slander. Just this week, Atwell Centre, a pregnancy care centre in Hamilton, ON, was told that they could no longer be a charity partner with the Road2Hope (a road race in Hamilton that takes place every year). In another recent case, Hamilton Right to Life was blocked from having a booth at the Ancaster Fair. Is the work that these centres do so dangerous that they must be silenced or blocked from the public square?

Pregnancy care centres currently still receive charitable tax status and this is a benefit that needs to be defended. Let your Member of Parliament know that the claim that pregnancy care centres are ‘dishonest’ is a lie that cannot be perpetuated. Anyone who is truly pro-women would celebrate women who choose life for their children, and fight to ensure that those women are provided all the resources that they need to make that choice.

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