Abortion Pill Awareness

Abortion Pill Awareness

Most medical abortions happen in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy.

The Abortion Pill


The first pill works to starve the pre-born child by blocking the mother’s progesterone hormone.


The second pill induces contractions to expel the pre-born child.

Be informed and know all the risks.

  1. The abortion pill ends the life of a pre-born child.
  2. The abortion pill promotes isolation for mothers. Abortion is physically, emotionally, and morally a grave procedure. It is now being done with fewer safeguards and less professional involvement.
  3. The abortion pill facilitates abortions without supervision. The pro-abortion movement has long raised the bogeyman of back-alley abortions, but in many ways that is what they are promoting now.
  4. Records are poor. Abortion statistics don’t include abortions done by the abortion pill.
  5. Women should be fully informed of all their options and are not provided information about Abortion Pill Rescue.


Ultrasound Requirement

Ask that ultrasounds become mandated every time the abortion pill is prescribed, to exclude ectopic pregnancy and to confirm the gestational age.

Abortion Pill Rescue

Promote research and awareness of the Abortion Pill Rescue. Contact your provincial health officer asking them to provide policies and research on the Abortion Pill Rescue.

Better records

Demand accurate record keeping and reporting around the abortion pill and raise the benefits of ultrasound requirements and prescription of the Abortion Pill Rescue.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) notes the omission of abortions using the abortion pill acknowledging, “volumes reported underestimate the true number of induced abortions in Canada.”

We advocate for an approach that informs women about the real effects of the abortion pill, that protects the physical safety of women, and that ensures they have access to support such as counseling. We need to be wary of a system that pushes a woman into isolation while she undergoes an abortion, and even more wary of statistics that fail to count what they claim to count. Abortion statistics that do not include medical abortions tell only half the story.

What’s happening in a medical abortion?

There is nothing quick or easy about the abortion pill. In this video, the University of Waterloo Faculty of Science and the Shore Centre explain the common side effects of the pill, including that you are only supposed to seek urgent care if you are bleeding clots the size of lemons for more than two hours. If that heavy bleeding lasts less than 2 hours, that’s considered normal. There is no easy, bloodless way to end the life of a pre-born child.

The abortion pill ends a life

An unintended pregnancy can send a woman’s world into chaos. Women cite feeling desperate and afraid. The abortion pill may seem like the easy choice. However, some women face regret. Elizabeth told her story in the Missing Project series. She shares her story to try to prevent other women from going through the same experience she did.

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