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Meet our Staff

Mike has been the director of since its launch in 2012. Mike has had a lifelong interest in politics and the protection of human life, and his position as director blends these two passions wonderfully. His goal for this campaign is to bury the status quo by helping to enact the first pro-life law this country has seen in nearly 30 years, and his ultimate goal is that Canada will have full legal protection for all pre-born children.

Mike has spoken across Canada about the need for the protection of pre-born human rights. He regularly meets with grassroots supporters as well as politicians to advocate for laws protecting pre-born children. He has been interviewed by media outlets such as CBC News, Global, The Rebel Media and CPAC, and has been published many times in the National Post, Vancouver Sun, and Calgary Herald. Mike lives in Metro Vancouver with his wife and their six children.

Anna conducts research and compiles information to develop strong, accurate talking points to support current and future initiatives. She writes articles and blogs to assist in changing the hearts and minds of Canadians to recognize the rights of pre-born children. She also prepares government submissions and assists in the promotion of the campaign via social media.

Join us in building support for these initiatives: