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Last month, BC Supreme Court Madam Justice Russell decided to dismiss the defamation lawsuit launched by two women’s care centres against a pro-choice activist. In 2009, Joyce Arthur and her Pro-Choice Action Network released a publication titled, Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in British Columbia. The...

(By Mike Schouten) Last week Friday my wife and I were expecting guests for dinner so, while I was out running a few errands, I stopped at the local liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine. Working for a non-profit organization teaches you to...

I am a stay-at-home mom with 3 young children. There are times I feel as though I have left the “real world” to hunker down in the trenches, wiping noses, making peanut butter toasts, refilling juice cups, and playing peek-a-boo. I am not complaining! It’s...

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