Can it happen?

18/04/2012 / Uncategorised 

Certainly there will be some who say, “a noble goal, but really”? No doubt, in the past 20 years, all attempts to pass a law protecting pre-born humans have failed. The reasons for this may seem obvious. The pro-abortion movement in Canada has been very effective at convincing the Canadian people that there is no need for a law. According to them, this is strictly a women’s health issue, and any and all decisions regarding the life of the child in her womb should be left entirely up to her. Along with this there is the reality that, politically speaking, it’s not an issue many politicians will endeavour to discuss publically. And to top it off, since Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s failed attempt to pass legislation following the 1988 Supreme Court decision, every government has vowed not to enact abortion legislation, and they have all kept their word.

These realities of the past don’t discourage us at We know that there is a large level of support for a law protecting pre-born humans in Canada. In fact, a majority of Canadians think that children in the womb should be protected at some point during pregnancy. As well, scientific and medical advances, combined with an increased awareness surrounding the abortion procedure, are affecting Canadians’ view on the status quo. There is growing support among Canadians for federal abortion legislation. This, along with the startling reality that we are the only Western nation without protection for the pre-born child, gives reason for hope that the fundamental right to life of all children will be protected by law in the very near future!

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