March for Life a Huge Success

10/05/2012 / blog posts 

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Ottawa, Ontario May 10, 2012 – On Thursday,, the new and exciting campaign for federal abortion legislation participated in the National March for Life on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The presence of at the 2012 March for Life certainly did not go unnoticed. The recently launched campaign made itself visible by passing out their professionally designed promo cards to the marchers. “We’re serious about our mission of building a groundswell of support for federal abortion legislation”, said campaign director, Mike Schouten.

“We are doing everything we can to promote our message that Canada has no abortion law and it’s time we fell into line with every other Western nation in providing legal protection for children in the womb”.

The reception that received from the over 15,000 participants at this year’s March for Life was overwhelmingly positive. “I couldn’t believe how many people had already heard about us!”, said Schouten. The team was able to hand out nearly 10,000 promo cards with the website address accompanied by the campaign tagline, “Canada needs federal abortion legislation.”

Schouten went on to say, “It was a rewarding experience, not only to stand in unity with the 15,000 plus marchers, but to know that they represent so many more Canadians who could not make it to Ottawa.”

About six MP’s also spoke at the rally on Parliament Hill. “They were all very supportive and it was encouraging to hear a number of them speak about how Canada is the only Western Nation with no abortion legislation”, said Schouten.

Mr. Schouten concluded by saying, “All polls indicate that a majority of Canadians want some protection for pre-born children and it was good to be able to take that message right to the parliamentarians whose task it is to bring forward legislation that does just that.”


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