Political Action – Success with Petitions!

17/05/2012 / blog posts 

cheeringforPetitionsWe have some encouraging news regarding the petitions! Over 120 petitions representing thousands and thousands of Canadians have already been presented into the House of Commons! Please read further to see if your MP was one of them.

Your efforts are being noticed by parliamentarians! The message that Canada needs a law is being delivered on an consistent basis into the House of Commons. As you know, we are hosting two petitions, one that calls on Parliament to enact legislation to “restrict abortion to the greatest degree” and the other in support of MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312.

Nearly a month ago, pro-life blogger, Patricia Maloney posted some numbers on her Run With Life website and we’re working hard to get an update on the exact number of signatures that are affixed to all the petitions. Keep in mind, one petition can present anywhere from 25 to a few hundred Canadians!

We have put together a list of all the MP’s who have presented either one or both of the petitions (click here). We want to encourage you to follow up with him/her and thank them for publically presenting in the House of Commons. If your MP isn’t listed below even though you have submitted a petition to them, you should certainly inquire as to the reason for that. Please remember to be respectful in you dialogue (click here) for tips on effective communication with your MP), as there may be a valid reason for them not yet presenting the petition.

Lastly, it can’t be emphasized enough how important this work is! Our government needs to hear the message, over and over, that Canada needs federal abortion legislation and these petitions are reminding them on sometimes daily basis. Keep it up!

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