John Hof of United for Life BC endorses

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John Hof is the President of United for Life BC. Recently he wrote an endorsement for in the BC Catholic newspaper. in Canada’s abortion debate

John Hof“It has been 42 years since Pierre Elliott Trudeau sent Canada down the path of liberalized abortion laws. As a result we are today the only democratic country on the planet with absolutely NO law on abortion at all.
Any unborn child, at any time during its nine months in the womb, can be aborted for any reason, or no reason at all, and 100 per cent of the costs are picked up by taxpayers.
We are in the dubious company of only North Korea and China when it comes to the status of the children in the womb. I am not at all comfortable in this company.
This shocks and dismays most Canadians, who think something needs to be done. More than 77 per cent believe there needs to be some regulation and restriction on this brutality.
A vast majority believe this can be done by addressing the problem through legislation: making it illegal to commit abortion after some point in the pregnancy.” Read More…


When John Hof became aware of the campaign for abortion legislation he had this to say:

“American Pro-life speaker and apologist, Scott Klusendorf once observed, “There are more people working full-time to kill unborn children than there are working to save them.”  Upon hearing that comment more than seventeen years ago, I made the decision to leave the security of full-time employment in order to dedicate all of my gifts to the pro-life movement. Today, Mike Schouten is doing the same.  While not easy, Mike’s leap of faith is to be admired and supported. Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers in Canada today know our country needs a law to protect preborn children. What Canada is in desperate need of are people like Mike Schouten who display the passion and possess the energy required to bring this about. I fully endorse the campaign Mike is about to embark on. With the vision of ARPA Canada and the dedication of a full time worker this initiative is the most promising I’ve seen in decades.”


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