Restrictive abortion laws save lives

20/06/2012 / blog posts 

GavelThe mission of is to build support for federal legislation that restricts abortion to the greatest extent possible. This mission is based on the Biblical understanding regarding the role of government to promote order and restrain evil. In Canada there have been no legislative victories for pro-lifers in over 20 years, while in the United States nearly 100 pro-life laws were passed in 2011 alone! In spite of the ongoing status quo, we know that a majority of Canadians support abortion restrictions and it’s high time we work towards that being reflected in law.

Looking to our southern neighbours, we see that time and time again lives are being saved through legislative victories.

We share with you some recent news from the state of Florida where due to the passing of several pro-life laws in 2011, they have seen a marked decrease in the number of abortions committed.

Florida Abortions Drop Again After New Pro-Life Laws

by Steven Ertelt

After the Florida legislature put several new pro-life laws in place, the state has seen a further drop in the number of abortions done.

According to state health department numbers, abortions dropped in Florida 19 percent from 2008-2011 and the decline continues. With the legislature approving a bill that allows women to see an ultrasound of their baby before an abortion, more minds are apparently changing. Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill after it had been vetoed by Gov. Charlie Crist the year before.

There were 95,375 abortions in Florida in 2008, according to the state health department and that total dropped to 77,166 in 2011. Now, the state Agency for Health Care Administration reports 28,023 abortions so far this year — which is off the pace from 2011.

Helping drive down abortion numbers further is the fact that the number of abortion facilities is dwindling — with 30 percent having closed since 2005 and the number dropping to 70 abortion facilities across the state, Sunshine State News indicates.

This year has been a case of good news and bad news for pro-life advocates in Florida. Read more…

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