Priests for Life Canada expresses support

17/07/2012 / Uncategorised 

Priests for LifeWe are pleased to announce that Priests for Life Canada has issued a statement of support for! The words of support are included in their response to a survey from a Canadian newspaper which canvassed a number of pro-life groups regarding their position on incremental abortion legislation, specifically gestational limits on abortion.

The second question of the survey asked:

Do you support the “We Need a Law” campaign. Would you like to state why?

Here follows the answer from Priests for Life Canada:

“We Need a Law” campaign is an attempt to raise consciousness about both the need for legal recognition of the preborn child and the woeful state of lawlessness in regard to abortion in Canada. Priests for Life Canada supports any consciousness raising activities whether in the streets, the media, the courts, or the legislatures. Publicly, pro-life groups of all stripes should never denigrate any other group’s efforts. The pro-life movement is diverse and therefore powerfully tenacious.

We thank Priests for Life Canada for their wise and thoughtful words regarding the cooperation of varying pro-life groups.

To view the entire survey please click here.

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