Canada Silent No More endorses our efforts!

12/09/2012 / Uncategorised 

Today we received the following endorsement from Denise Mountenay, the president and founder of Canada Silent No More:

On behalf of Canada Silent No More, a registered non-profit society of women and men hurt and damaged by legal abortions across Canada, we endorse, and encourage all Canadians to take a stand on when human life beings, and begin to make efforts to protect all human life from the moment of conception.  We know all about the pain of legal abortion physically and psychologically.  Most of us were never told the truth about fetal development and did not realize that ALL of the DNA was intact from conception on how our children would grow every bodily organ, part, skin, brain, hair, eye lashes and when everything would stop growing.  We had no idea our babies had a beating heart by 3-4 weeks, arms, legs, fingers and toes by 8 weeks.  We urge our MP’s and MLA’s to speak up for the lives of every human being, no matter how young.

We also exhort every Medical Association to re-examine the ethics of dismembering, and/or poisoning young healthy, growing children in the womb, and to stop the violence against these children and the women who suffer greatly in the aftermath.

The right to have our children killed, should be unthinkable.  It is unconscionable that we pay for a procedure where not one study proves it is beneficial for women’s reproductive health!  Yet, a mountain of studies reveal legal abortion is linked to depression, suicides, pre-term births and breast cancer to name a few.

We have dozens of testimonies from Canadian women hurt and suffering and it is time for a law to protect the most innocent, vulnerable and defenceless in our civil society.


Denise Mountenay

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