Disappointed in Lack of Support for Motion 312

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DisappointedUnfortunately, not all Member’s of Parliament voted in favour of Motion 312. If your MP was one of those who registered a ‘NO’ vote, please send them this email. You are encouraged to edit as you see fit. Please remember to show respect for them as a person as well as for the office in which they serve.

(Click here for link to Parliamentary website with vote results)

Image3-SimpleMailYou can view the letter below. Whenever your ready, just click the SimpleMail icon on the right and follow the 3 simple steps to send it to your MP.






The disappointment in receiving the news of your ‘no’ vote in the House of Commons on Motion 312 is felt deeply. In spite of the efforts of many, it is very unfortunate that you could not see your way to allowing a study based on scientific evidence go forward. What possible reasons could you have had to vote against debate on such an important issue? If we are denying human rights to a certain class of humans, would you not want to know that?


Not to be totally disheartened, I am encouraged that Motion 312 has generated a national debate on the status of pre-born children and how they are viewed by our Criminal Code. It is my hope that Canadians will not see the defeat of Motion 312 as the end of a discussion, but rather as the beginning of one. One thing that has become clear to me is that the scientific definition of a human is far different from that given in Section 223 (1) and many, many Canadians do not agree with our current definition of a human being.


Thank you for continuing to serve as my MP and I look forward to communicating with you further about this issue.





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