Lawn Signs – Let your neighbours know We Need a LAW!

15/10/2012 / blog posts 

As I wrote in a blog post last week, Canada has turned a corner in the ongoing abortion debate. People are talking about, and the level of discussion is encouraging to observe. A great way to start a community conversation is by putting a lawn sign in your yard. The Schulenberg family recently did just that and when asked why, kindly offered these thoughts:

“We think that We Need A law is a well thought out, organized website with many great links and articles spreading awareness about the abortion issue in Canada.
We posted the sign to let our neighbours and whoever passes by know that in our house we believe that Canadians need a law to protect our unborn children and to give them access to the website.
In the aftermath of Motion 312, and now with Motion 408 in the forefront, we are joining the momentum and letting people know that, like it or not, this issue is open for discussion!”

We thank them for taking this campaign to the next level and encourage everyone to visit our store for lawn signs and many more marketing products!

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