Motion 408 set to be debated on March 28th!

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UPDATE: Motion 408 is scheduled for its first hour of debate on March 28th! Before that happens the motion has to be deemed votable by a sub-committee. Your MP and Prime Minister Harper need to hear from you in order for it to make it to the House of Commons!


A few years ago, in an interview with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC, Prime Minister Harper was asked about his party’s position on abortion. His answer was, “Many people I know are pro-life. What I say to people, ‘If you want to diminish the number of abortions, you’ve got to change hearts and not laws.’ And I’m not interested in having a debate over abortion law.”

Parliament will have a glorious opportunity to help change hearts and minds next spring when they debate a motion calling for the condemnation of sex-selective pregnancy terminations. Motion 408, introduced by Conservative MP Mark Warawa has been branded the “Protect Girls” motion and is addressing a problem that CBC exposed this past June. Females are being targeted in the womb with the worst form of discrimination by certain cultural groups, simply because they are girls.

Motions are purely educational; they help to change hearts and minds. Different than bills, they don’t change public policy and should be something Prime Minister Harper fully supports.

Unfortunately, the NDP has come out against this motion and is putting political expedience before this cultural horror. Prime Minister Harper needs our encourgement now more than ever to do the right thing by supporting this motion.

Please read the letter below and then click here to send.


I recently learned that Motion 408 will come up for debate on March 28th. Prior to this I understand Mr. Warawa’s motion will have to be reviewed by a sub-committee which will decide whether or not it is a votable. It is my hope you, along with our Right Honourable Prime Minister, Stephen Harper will support this motion to address gendercide.

The rest of this email is meant for Mr. Harper.

Thank you for serving as my Member of Parliament!

Dear Mr. Harper,

Thank you for your service and dedication to our country!

I am writing to you because I am concerned about unfair discrimination against females through sex-selective pregnancy termination. Recent studies have shown that this practise is happening in Canada. It is unfortunate, and, in my mind, regrettable that women are being abused and coerced to have an abortion when the sex of their pre-born child is determined to be a female.

Member of Parliament, Mark Warawa, has announced that he intends to introduce a motion into the House of Commons that would allow Parliament to collectively voice concern and officially condemn this from happening in our country. I understand that Motion 408 would not change public policy but it is my hope that unequivocal condemnation from Parliament will have a strong educative effect that will help to bring an end to gender discriminatory abortions in Canada.

Sex-selective pregnancy termination is an affront to the dignity and equality of women and girls. It is my hope that as Prime Minister you will support Motion 408.

Should you decide not to condemn a practice that 92% of Canadians find abhorrent, then please do not stand in the way of other MPs who courageously take a position.



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