The Impact of Survivors

24/04/2013 / blog posts 

This week in Ottawa there was a National Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony. The event, hosted by the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem, was attended by parliamentarians from across the spectrum. Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May, spoke to the gathering at the Canadian War Museum, as did NDP Leader, Thomas Mulcair.

SurvivorsWe all know that the injustices perpetrated against the Jewish people were a terrible evil. Still, there are numerous benefits to the annual gatherings. They serve as reminders that anti-Semitism still exists in certain cultures and we need to remain vigilant in our struggle to defend our Jewish brothers and sisters. But, more importantly, they allow us to reflect on how we view other members of the human family.

The darkness of evil, in whose name millions of lives were extinguished, is something a global society should never again tolerate.

And yet, we know it continues in various forms. The events in Boston, as well as the thwarted attempt to blow up a passenger train, clearly indicate that we need to be on guard against those who go to great lengths to unjustifiably take the lives of fellow humans.

There is, of course, a genocide currently taking place  in our country and around the world. The theme of the genocide I refer to is also intolerance and  discrimination. While some are quick to argue against the comparison pre-born human rights activists make between abortion and the Holocaust, the correlations are eerily similar.

Think about it.

Just as Jewish people were considered inferior and unwanted, so are approximately 100,000 pre-born children who die each year at the hands of Canadian abortion doctors.

Just as Jews were de-humanized in an attempt to alleviate the psychological toll on their killers so Canadian pre-born children, in spite of what science reveals, are de-humanized to ease our collective conscience as we continue to grant them no legal recognition.

Just as the systematic killing of Jews at the hands of the Nazi’s was completely legal, so also the nearly 300 abortions each day in Canada are completely legal.

In his speech to survivors on National Holocaust Day, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair quoted Ellie Wiesel in saying, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” To which I say, “So true, so true Mr. Mulcair.”

While some Canadian politicians continue to remain indifferent to the atrocities being perpetrated against vulnerable members of the human family, there is a rapidly growing group of survivors who are fighting this injustice with renewed energy. We have a strategy based on knowledge, faith and deep-founded love for those who do not have the ability to defend themselves.

The goal of this unstoppable group of pre-born human rights activists is to end the killing. We look forward to the day when the only time we speak about this genocide is at ceremonies such as took place this week in Ottawa.

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