Do you believe abortion laws are possible?

27/05/2013 / blog posts 

Dear friends,

Do you believe abortion laws are realistic for Canada? We do. A little over a year ago we started the campaign thanks to the sacrificial support of many of you. Our first year has made us even more confident that Canada can enact abortion laws in the next decade. The momentum that has been built in the past year with Motion 312 (MP Stephen Woodworth), Motion 408 (MP Mark Warawa), and the incredible support from the media can be a foundation for even more success and eventually also laws.

But we can’t keep doing this work unless we find people who are willing to financially support it.

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With your assistance we have been able to make incredible progress in only one year’s time!

Consider these examples:

  • was able to work alongside MP’s with research and grassroots mobilization. As a result, Parliament has had to discuss pre-born human rights even though party leaders may not have wanted this;
  • Our petition campaigns resulted in hundreds of petitions being read in Parliament. And they keep coming! The media and MPs no longer claim the issue is settled;
  • Our articles have been published in the National Post, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, and we receive regular requests for interviews from a wide assortment of media;
  • Mainstream media outlets like Maclean’s magazine have taken note of the campaign and the renewed enthusiasm in the pro-life movement;
  • Our SimpleMail technology has generated thousands of personal letters to MPs;
  • Our infographics, social media, and printed resources have reached hundreds of thousands of Canadians with the plain and simple truth about abortion;
  • We have been able to speak in universities, community centres, churches, and schools across Canada, including alongside MP Woodworth;
  • Well over 20 billboards have already been erected in Canadian cities, promoting this campaign. This is in addition to many more lawn signs, thousands of bumper stickers, and tens of thousands of promo cards. 

Twenty-five years ago the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the existing abortion laws, but they did not give Canadian women a right to abortion. The justices in the Morgentaler case sent a loud and clear message that it was up to Parliament to create laws protecting children in the womb. Twenty-five years is long enough!

This week we launched our “$25 for 25” fundraising campaign and we invite you to financially support us by donating monthly to The simple truth is that a quality campaign like this is possible because of people like you who are willing to financially support it. is under the direction of a national non-profit organization, is overseen by a board of directors, and is subject to annual audits. We set this up right because we are serious about getting results. We want the campaign to continue until our goal is met and pre-born children are protected equally under the law.

The “$25 for 25” campaign offers you the convenience of an automatic transfer of funds from your credit card to so you can make a regular investment in the campaign.

Please join us in building support for the recognition of pre-born human rights! We give sacrificially to help needy children in third world countries. It’s time we gave sacrificially to protect pre-born children in our own land.

Yours Sincerely,

Mike Schouten

Campaign Director

P.S. – If you are not able to give $25 a month at this time, please don’t let that stop you from giving. Any amount is a help.

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