Lighting the Way – 2013 Pro-Life Conference

26/10/2013 / Events 

IMG 00001096 resizedThe rolling hills which give way to the Atlantic, complimented by the fields of freshly dug potatoes and beautiful inlets and harbours make for an incredibly unique experience for anyone who is fortunate enough to visit Prince Edward Island.

This week I was able to combine a little bit of pleasure with work as I flew in to Charlottetown a few days ahead of the National Pro-Life Conference. My host for the first couple nights was a friend I hadn’t seen since he moved from the West Coast back to the family farm near Charlottetown. He was gracious with his time and we spent the better part of a day travelling around the birthplace of Confederation taking in the sites and views. It seemed everywhere we drove, never more than a few minutes passed without seeing the ocean. An interesting fact he shared with me: nowhere in PEI are you more than 34 kilometers from the ocean! Incredibly, in spite of the sheer beauty of the island, the population has remained around 130,000 for the past number of decades and even though the population is shifting towards the cities, the family farm concept is still thriving.

The theme of the 2013 Conference, hosted by Life Canada and PEI Right to Life, was ‘Lighting the Way’. This was very appropriate since we were gathered in the only province where abortions are not performed. Prince Edward Island is a beacon of hope for all pro-life Canadians. In the past several years pro-choice groups have focused their attention on Canada’s smallest province and are working to overturn the status quo, but PEI pro-lifers have exemplified the power of resistance.

Conferences provide a great opportunity to network with other individuals and organizations and this year’s was no different. Clearly, progress has been made with this campaign as countless individuals approached our exhibit asking for materials they could take back and disseminate in the communities they represented. Participants, speakers, and organizers all expressed an appreciation for what the campaign was accomplishing. Throughout the conference, which was attended by over 200 people, I sensed an incredible unity and strengthened resolve to work together in the cause for life. Again, the most encouraging take away was the number of youth who attended. Rebecca Richmond (National Campus Life Network) and Alissa Golob (Campaign Life Coalition Youth) facilitated a youth session where nearly 50 people attended! The resolve of Canadian youth to correct the injustice of abortion getting stronger!

Among the speakers were Dr. Deborah Zeni (DeVeber Institute), Andrea Mrozek (Institute of Marriage and Family), Dr. Robert Walley (MaterCare International), Natalie Sonnen (Life Canada), MP Stephen Woodworth, Dana Scallon (former member of the European Parliament), and Alex Schadenberg (Euthanasia Prevention Coalition). I was also one of the featured speaker and emphasized the importance of embracing opportunities to save some as we continue working together to save all pre-born children.

As I head back to my family (I’m posting this from Montreal) I thank all those who worked tirelessly to ensure the 2013 Conference was a success. Be encouraged to continue advocating for the protection of life in whatever sphere you have been called to act!

Photos of the conference can be seen on our Facebook page.

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