This is nonsense!

13/01/2014 / Abortion 

In Canada where you live might determine if you live….

There are locations in our country where it is not safe to be, where the law offers no protection.

A fetus located in the womb has no protection under Canadian law. It can be killed at any time through the nine months of pregnancy.

Yet when it changes location and travels a few inches out the birth canal, it is suddenly recognized as a precious little person.

How can a change of location make someone a person? Do you become more human (or less) when you move from one room to the next? How can where you are have any bearing on who you are?

Medical advances make it possible to take a fetus completely out of its mother, treat the child, and then place it back inside mom to continue developing until it comes to term.

Under our present law, this child is recognized as a person when it leaves its mother’s womb but stops being a person when it returns inside.

This is nonsense.

We need laws that protect all babies… wherever they live.

In Canada where you live shouldn’t determine if you live.

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