Is a sex-selection abortion bill imminent?

20/02/2014 / Abortion 

In the National Post today we receive another indication that the Overton Window is shifting.

The article talks about a joint statement issued yesterday by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and the Canadian Association of Radiologists calling out the unethical use of ultrasounds. It seems as though they (ultrasounds) are increasingly being used to create keepsake videos for expectant parents, and – wait for it – to detect the sex of the fetus to have it aborted if it is a girl.

These two organizations are rightfully calling on the authorities to do something about this barbarous behaviour that has no place in society.

The likelihood of something being done about ultrasound use is very high. Things are changing in regards to Canadians’ views on abortion and our country’s lack of laws.

The article goes on to say,

“The doctors aren’t directly throwing in their lot with Warawa, who views sex-selection as gendercide, and who can safely be assumed to dislike abortion in general. The doctors frame their position in terms of standards of safety and expertise. But the underlying assumptions are the same: that abortion takes a life, and taking a life solely on the issue of sex is wrong. The doctors’ view is narrower: Warawa might argue that taking an innocent life is always wrong, whether it’s due to gender, convenience or other reasons. The doctors stay clear of that.

Which all underlines this reality: the vilification of Warawa was simply a means of avoiding a debate that threatens pro-abortionists and frightens politicians. Easier to attack the person than confront the reasoning. Self-proclaimed “progressives” frequently accuse the Harper government of employing this technique to silence its critics, but are happy to deploy it to defend their own vulnerabilities. Debating abortion scares both groups, probably because so many of them realize support for abortion is not as secure as they pretend it is.”

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