The bedrooms of the nation.

18/02/2014 / Abortion 

Consider me another reader who finds Mr. Jonas’ stance puzzling. In Saturday’s National Post he exposes abortion for what it is – the killing of a member of the human family – and then goes on to defend it on the basis that the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.

Even if we were to grant this logic, by and large, abortions aren’t carried out in bedrooms. No, they are generally committed in hospitals and for-profit clinics and are funded entirely by public dollars.

Questions regarding funding, informed consent, and parental consent for minors need to be asked, and it’s time Canadians demand answers. Why is there no structure or parameters surrounding abortion? Is “social equality” as Mr. Jonas suggests, really the only compelling reason to maintain such a lackadaisical approach to a serious medical procedure?

Most post-abortive women I have spoken to went through incredible anguish in making the decision to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. For them, women’s freedom was not achieved on the corpse of their pre-born child.

We can and need to do more for vulnerable women. A pregnant woman and her child is a part of society no less than anyone else. So when she enters or exits the bedroom, uncertain and afraid of what the future holds, we certainly have an obligation to provide her with the necessary material and counsel to make informed decisions that have lifelong consequences.

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