Updated with Simple Mail action: Closure of abortion clinic brings opportunity for pro-lifers to show true colours

11/04/2014 / Abortion 

Take action by sending this email to government officials in New Brunswick and Ottawa!

The news of the imminent closure of the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick will mean that women seeking abortion in that province will have greater difficulty in doing so. This is a good thing. All too often women who find themselves in an unanticipated pregnancy will feel as though abortion is the only option they have. When that option is not readily available, other options will be considered.

Obviously there will be some who attempt to polarize the discussion by flippantly stating that the back alley will be her next option. Resorting to this shock and awe language is nothing short of extremist, and severely lacks any sentiment of love and compassion towards pregnant women in desperate need of help.

The decreased availability of abortion in New Brunswick will provide opportunity for improved care for women and their pre-born children. It will certainly require an increased focus by those directly involved with organizations like New Brunswick Right to Life in highlighting the options available, including that of adoption.

The pro-life movement in Canada has a long standing history of putting most of its resources into pregnancy care centres – showing love and compassion for pre and post-abortive women as well as care for their children and families. I am confident that they will embrace this opportunity with renewed vigour in New Brunswick, and you can be assured they will do it even without any public funding.

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