A huge victory!

27/05/2014 / Action Items 

Dear supporter,

In the past few weeks we have witnessed an incredible shift in Canadian politics. The two federal opposition parties have drastically underestimated the pushback when they came out in support of the status quo of unrestricted abortion. The resulting coverage has included mainstream journalists from all sides of the political spectrum expressing support for limitations on abortion, the vast majority of which are using WeNeedaLAW.ca talking points.

We have a detailed timeline at the bottom of this email, including links to some of the more than 200 news articles highlighting the current abortion debate. As just one example, consider this comment from Margaret Wente, a writer for the (traditionally left) Globe and Mail. She said in this article,

“The idea that governments shouldn’t legislate abortion, as Mr. Trudeau asserts, is downright idiotic. Abortion is legislated nearly everywhere.”

The talking point most often picked up is that Canada, North Korea and China are the only countries that do not have an abortion law. Canadians find this disturbing, and apparently so does Ms. Wente!

This is a huge victory. A seismic shift is occurring!

In the midst of the all the press coverage, we received a generous offer from two businessmen. They told us that if we can get 100 people to sign up with our monthly donor program for $25 or more per month they would donate a combined $10,000 to the campaign! But we only have a one-week window.

Additional bonus: The individual that can refer the most new monthly partners will receive two donated tickets to anywhere in Canada that Air Canada flies! Tell your friends! Share this email and simply tell them to put your name in the ‘Comments’ section of the donate page.


The work of WeNeedaLAW.ca is 100% funded by supporters like you. We only ask for financial support once a year, because we believe that our focus should be on doing this work, not on fundraising.

If $25/month is more than what you are able to give, would you be willing to give $10 or $20 per month? And if you are able to give more, it will have a corresponding increase in our impact.

If you already support us financially, will you please ask others close to you to consider doing the same?

Not comfortable donating online? No problem.

You can email our Donor Administrator at [email protected] and she will set you up with automatic withdrawals!

We will continue to do our best to stand up for our pre-born neighbours. Please stand with us financially, through your prayers, and through the opportunities that you are provided with.


Mike Schouten

Campaign Director, WeNeedaLAW.ca

PS – One-time donations of any amount are welcome and help us continue the work of defending pre-born children.

PPS – A quality campaign like this is possible because of people like you who are willing to financially support it. We have 7 days. Please DONATE today!

Over the last few weeks, especially since the National March for Life in Ottawa on May 8, we have seen a tremendous amount of abortion-related articles and statements in the mainstream media. Since this campaign began, we sought opportunities such as this and now that the time has come, we hope you are as encouraged as we are!

A quick timeline for you:

May 7: Justin Trudeau announced that any candidates wishing to run under the Federal Liberals must be pro-abortion.

May 8: Approximately 23,000 pro-lifers marched for life through downtown Ottawa, calling on the Canadian government to end the deafening silence on abortion in Canada. Supporters of WeNeedaLAW.ca were at the national march in Ottawa and at regional marches in other cities across Canada. (See photos here.)

May 9: NDP MP Niki Ashton announces she will be tabling a motion to formally affirm “a woman’s right to choose abortion [as] a fundamental question of equality and human rights”.

May 12: The National Post shows that MP Niki Ashton’s motion is getting rare support from pro-lifers. WeNeedaLAW.ca is quoted in this article.

May 13: The CBC News covered the issue, indicating that MP Niki Ashton’s move could backfire, again including comments from WeNeedaLAW.ca director Mike Schouten.

May 13: An independent blogger also covered the story at Yahoo News! and we saw coverage at Macleans.ca.

May 16: Calgary Herald publishes an op-ed by our director, titled “Provinces can fill legal vacuum surrounding abortions“, while on the same day, MP Niki Ashton’s motion was cancelled.

May 20: LifeNews.com publishes “Justin Trudeau Stands with China and North Korea for Abortion on Demand“.

May 21: Director Mike Schouten speaks with Faith Goldy of Sun News on Justin Trudeau’s misinterpretations of the Charter and the growing support for pre-born human rights in Canada.

In total, we found 207 articles on the abortion issue in a span of less than two weeks! WeNeedaLAW.ca sent out 4 press releases in that time and had an article published in the Calgary Herald and on LifeNews.com. These responses highlight that we are making progress. Not only are Canadians talking about abortion; they are questioning the lack of legislation protecting children before birth.

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