ACTION ALERT – NDP introduces abortion motion

13/05/2014 / Abortion 

It is time to add your voice to the growing momentum!

Last week Niki Ashton introduced a motion that will see the House of Commons debate the rights of pre-born humans.

We salute Ms. Ashton and the NDP for finally acknowledging that abortion is not a settled issue in Canada. Every poll taken on the subject of abortion, no matter how it is phrased, shows that Canadians are unsettled by the status quo.

As you see below we have various action items for you to complete as you assist us in ensuring that Parliamentarians hear from you as they enter this monumental debate in the House of Commons. In the coming days we will also be adding to this list, including a first ever phone campaign with accompanying script!


Action AlertACTION ITEMSend this email today!

Ms. Ashton’s motion calls for the support of gender equality; yet at the same time, she wants Canada to force its pro-abortion mantra on the underdeveloped areas of the world that are most susceptible to gendercide. CLICK HERE to send a letter to your MP and party leaders telling them that this is not the Canada you want to live in.


Action AlertACTION ITEMSend a second email too!

Ms. Ashton is misguided in her claims that abortion is solely about a woman’s right to choose. Canadians know that it is a human rights issue. CLICK HERE to send a second letter to your MP and party leaders asking them to protect the human rights of all human beings.



iphone cell phone use touch screen 1353549171646 330640 ver1.0 320 240Wow, this is going to be easy! Our tech people have created a widget which will pull up your MPs telephone number and allow you to voice your thoughts directly to his/her Ottawa office. Simply put in your postal code and hit ‘GO’! Dial the number and use one of the talking points below to express your thoughts on Ms. Ashton’s motion.

Not confident? No worries! Attached to the bottom of this page is a suggested script for a phone conversation. We can do this! Now is the time to have our voices heard!



What they are saying What we are saying
Niki Ashton and the NDP say they want the abortion issue settled once and for all. We say that a majority of Canadians do not support the status quo of abortion on demand for any reason and want an honest discussion about it.
Prime Minister Harper has said that he is not interested in re-opening the abortion debate. The government is not re-opening the debate – the NDP is and MPs should have the freedom to vote according to their conscience.
Justin Trudeau declared the Liberal party to be pro-choice and has asked all members to leave their pro-life views at the door of Parliament. We urge Mr. Trudeau to respect the freedom of conscience guaranteed to all Canadians and for him and his members to take into account the feedback from their constituents.
Niki Ashton wants Canada to force its pro-abortion mantra on the underdeveloped nations of the world that are most susceptible to gendercide. We say that we do not want to live in a country that allows and promotes the systematic termination of pre-born females simply because they are girls.
Niki Ashton and the NDP say that abortion is about fundamental human rights. We agree with Ms. Ashton and the NDP, but disagree about whose fundamental human rights are engaged. Ms. Ashton’s motion is blind to the reality that Canada is the most permissive nation in the world when it comes to abortion, with no legal protection whatsoever for the lives of certain members of the human family. The right to life is truly fundamental.
Pro-abortion politicians say that Canadians are not interested in abortion laws. We say many politicians are out of touch with reality. All polls, no matter how they are phrased, show that a majority of Canadians want legal protections for pre-born children.








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