Abortion does not empower women

25/06/2014 / Abortion 

Have you ever been told that abortion is “empowering”? That somehow by giving women the choice to kill their child, they are experiencing a level of empowerment unparalleled to anything else a woman could accomplish? Apparently murder is now synonymous with feeling empowered. Truth be told, “There is nothing empowering about the mere fact of making a choice.”

There is a new film out that is celebrating abortion and is hitting theatres with much fanfare and acclamation. Interestingly, the critics that are praising this film are the same ones who called Bella, the story of a young woman who considers abortion but chooses adoption, “corny”, “simplistic”, “clichéd”.

So what does it mean to be empowered?

“We are empowered when we act from a place of strength and virtue. We are weakened and enslaved when we act out of fear and hatred.”

This is a summary of Matt Walsh’s blog post “5 reasons why abortion never empowers women”. Read his full blog post here.

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