Alberta MP speaks out!

06/06/2014 / Abortion 

Southern Alberta MP Jim Hillyer has entered the current abortion debate with this piece published in the Lethbridge Herald. Once again, it is incredibly encouraging to see the talking points from this campaign used! Mr. Hillyer states:

The trouble is, neither the constitution, the charter, nor the Supreme Court [R. v. Morgentaler 1988] has ever declared abortion to be a right at all, let alone an unlimited right from conception to birth, nor has any parliament declared it to be a right.

He then goes on to (quite admirably) dispel some arguments he has faced from constituents.

In response to my opposition to Motion 510, someone said “why not make dental surgery illegal too?” The comparison is ridiculous – no one is calling for legal limits on dental surgery, because no one believes that teeth are people.

Exactly. Thanks Mr. Hillyer!

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