Seven former Liberal MPs send open letter to Justin Trudeau

18/09/2014 / Abortion 

Liberal Party of CanadaLiberal leader Justin Trudeau has received harsh criticism from many Canadians for declaring that candidates for the Liberal Party must vote pro-choice. This morning we can add seven former Liberal MPs to that list.

In a two-page letter the MPs, who served between 1980 and 2008, urge Mr. Trudeau to reconsider his edict which they say “will alienate many voters who have, in the past, voted Liberal.”

The seven MPs served over a period spanning nearly three decades are clearly concerned about the precedent Trudeau is setting. They question the wisdom of Trudeau in discriminating against those who are against abortion and are fearful that this will undoubtedly lead to future edicts (either from Trudeau or future Liberal leaders) regarding other moral issues.

They even refer to Justin’s father saying,

“The firm position of all previous Liberal Leaders, including Pierre E. Trudeau, has been that, on moral issues, Liberal Members of Parliament were able to vote according to their respective consciences. This clear and consistent position served the Party well, as witnessed by the number of years the Liberal Party was the Government in the 20th century. For you to fully reverse this wise, long held position of all your predecessors, without any cogent reason, legal or otherwise, has the potential to alienate many former Liberal voters.”

The letter concludes by saying,

“As Liberal leader, we urge you to return to democratic principles and sensible Party tradition and rescind your ban on people who hold a particular moral belief, from running for the Party, unless they agree to do exactly as demanded by you. How can such a discriminatory policy serve the democratic ideals of our great nation?”

Will Justin Trudeau respond?

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