Parliament Hill 100,000 Flags

02/10/2014 / Events 

The groundswell for laws protecting our preborn neighbhours has taken another leap forward today. Right now the front boulevard along Parliament Hill is covered with 100,000 pink and blue flags, as a testimony to the approximately 100,000 girls and boys that are denied their right to life every year in Canada. This nation has never seen anything like this before! 

The massive display, organized by , can’t be missed by Members of Parliament, party leaders, and even the press gallery, which is across the street. The flags stretch a span of 400 meters, right in front of the Parliament buildings and the busy Wellington Street. They are accompanied by staff and dozens of volunteers, holding banners and distributing hundreds of information tracts to engage the MPs, staffers, media, and public who are walking by. We also held a press conference, accompanied by a Member of Parliament (stay tuned for media reports). 

We have done our part, now we need you to spread this from Ottawa to all corners of Canada! Please forward the pictures and videos to your friends, colleagues, and family, share them from our Facebook page , and Tweet them to your MP, local media, and mainstream media. Do what you can to share them far and wide – in a respectful manner. In the coming weeks we are sending out similar displays, but with 10,000 flags, to BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. Contact us about setting one up in your community. 

Together we can be a voice for the voiceless.


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